Neil Singer, Master CFI and Jet Mentor

Excellence in Flight Instruction


My thanks to Neil Singer for preparing me for the 510S checkride.  Neil is methodical, professional and an excellent instructor both in the ground school portion (I think his PowerPoint slides are better than Flight Safety) and in the air. Frankly, Neil is a born teacher.

I am writing because I was blown away by the article "Don't Watch the Needles" by Neil Singer.  I have rarely read a technical article that has the clarity - lack of ambiguity - of this gem...Many articles conveying a similar level of detail don't read as easily.  I found no need to re-read any paragraph.  Neil has a very rare ability to present information with amazing lucidity...

Neil is one the safest, and most knowledgeable instructors and mentor pilots available anywhere. His professionalism, instruction skills and dedication to airmanship are an exceedingly rare combination.

Many thanks, and congratulations for Neil Singer's article.  It is truly a classic, with much information never mentioned in flight schools or FAA exams.  To me, with 45 years of flying and desk top flying, it brought back memories of the great classics, such as Richard Collins' article on Panic in Flying back in the seventies, and Leighton Collins' classic "Go to the First Ocean and Turn Right."...It represents a significant step in aviation safety...should be reprinted and given wide circulation.

I am always amazed at how well you understand not only the material you are covering, but also the science and other reasons behind it.

I just cut out an article for my "save" file and realized it is the third article written by Neil Singer I have saved in about as many months...He writes precise yet very practical articles about the topics we all need to review from time to time...

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your experience, excellent teaching ability, vast knowledge in all aspects of aviation and, of course, your never ending patience.

As the wife to one of your client's, I have felt more confident in his skills because of your instruction.  Although excellent instructors come at a price, it is worth it for my peace of mind and confidence in his acquired skills as a pilot.